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The two most popular types of dimensional signs are sandblasted and carved. The sandblasted effect is achieved by applying a rubber mask to the lettering and leaving the background exposed. When the sign is blasted, it reveals the internal wood grain while leaving the letters flush. The best wood for this type of sign is Redwood and Cedar due to their oily properties and longevity.

Carved signs are done with a router to cut the letters out. A new substrate used with this method, as well as, sandblasting is high-density urethane. HDO is a synthetic material that is completely weatherproof. It resists cracking, warping and bug decay. When it is finish painted it is very hard to tell the difference from wood.

Either choice will yield a beautiful high-end sign with character and style. Both can be combined with decorative posts, sign caps, or wrought iron scroll brackets for an impressive sign, which will last for many years.

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